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What Are Bible Colleges?

Bible CollegesBible colleges are four year colleges that prepare students for ministry or for further studies in theology. As the name suggests, Bible colleges teach subjects from a biblical perspective, and the Bible is central to all courses in the curriculum. In addition to biblical teaching, students are taught Christian principles and given practical ministry opportunities at Bible colleges to prepare for Christian service.

Who Attends Bible Colleges?

Not all students that attend Bible colleges feel they are called to ministry. Some students attend a Bible college in order to deepen their knowledge of the Bible in an atmosphere where Christ’s love is freely expressed and encouraged. Others clearly feel they are called to ministry and Bible colleges offer programs that help students prepare to become pastors, missionaries, teachers, evangelists, youth pastors, and worship leaders.

Are Bible Colleges and Christian Colleges the Same Thing?

While Bible colleges and Christian colleges are both faith-based and offer biblical teaching, they differ in terms of the degree programs that are offered. Bible colleges offer degree programs geared toward ministry, while Christian colleges offer degree programs that may or may not lead to a career in ministry. For example, students can earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Business, or Psychology at Christian colleges but not at Bible colleges. Bible colleges offer degrees that are more theology-based and church-oriented in majors such as Divinity, Pastoral Care, Evangelism, Youth Ministry, Worship Ministry, Missions, etc. Choosing between a Bible college and a Christian college will depend largely on the degree one wants to pursue.

What’s the Difference Between Bible Colleges and a Seminaries?

Bible colleges and seminaries are similar in that they both focus on theology and ministry. A Bible college, however, offers undergraduate programs while a seminary offers programs at the graduate level. Students will graduate from a Bible college with a bachelor’s degree, but seminary students graduate with a master’s or doctorate degree.